Electrical Safety



Electrical Safety Non-Qualified

Course Training:

This class is an introduction to electricity, including definitions, basic concepts and how to avoid electrocutions in the industry. It focuses on the awareness of hazardous areas and how to identify them. This course provides the necessary awareness training and knowledge needed by employees who are assigned to work near or with electrical equipment but are not qualified electricians. Emphasis will be placed on the common exposures for such workers and how to prevent electrical shock, burn, arc flash or electrocution. Course material will also review the OSHA electrical standards as well as safe use of ladders and fall protection during work around electrical equipment. Discussion of the latest NFPA 70E (2004) – Electrical Safety in the Workplace consensus standard.
The employer must ensure that each operator is evaluated to confirm that he/she understands the information provided in the training.
Course Time:

4 Hr.

Course Objectives:

This class will cover the following subjects:

Identifying shock and arc flash hazards
Arc flashes
Correct voltage meter
Determining the correct shock and arc flash boundaries
Interpreting and complying with arc flash labels
Interpreting and complying with NFPA 70E tables
Identifying and selecting the correct PPE

Course Offered:

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Bayou Supply and Safety training conforms to OSHA CBT Training standards and ANSI Z490.1-2009. Criteria for Accepted Practices in Safety, Health and Environmental Training. Bayou Supply and Safety follows all ANSI training criteria’s.

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